Meet the Executive Director

Jamekia Bies, Ed.S, NCC, NCSC

Jamekia Bies believes in being the change she wants to see. So much in fact that she returned to graduate school for an educational specialist (EdS) degree and became a national certified counselor (NCC). All of this after realizing many students didn’t have access to a counselor or professional who could guide them to the next level.

Now in the role of executive director, Bies uses that same take-charge attitude to help further her organization’s mission and goals. As an organizational leader, she manages all the day-to-day responsibilities of the organization. That includes managing staff and volunteers and working with them to develop the policies that influence various programs. Subsequently, she is charged with implementing policies, programs, and initiatives. Bies also serves as the organization’s spokesperson. In that capacity, she is responsible for making presentations to the media, members, donors, government agencies, and the community.

Even beyond work, she has a passion for helping others forge their respective paths to success. That’s why with a career dedicated to education and nonprofits she’s focused on creating growth opportunities for youth and their families. Bies knows that she can do anything and wants others to see the same in themselves. Likewise, she believes that every woman harnesses a superpower. Bies plans to help them develop it.

A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Bies likes to spend free time with her son, family, and friends. And when she can, catch up on her favorite crime television shows like SWAT and FBI.

But even when she’s away from work, Bies keeps her life motto in the back of her mind: perhaps this is the moment for which you were created (Esther 4:14). Bies recognizes that her strengths are as a solution-oriented change agent. At each level, from the community to the boardroom, she is committed to having a positive impact on the social structure of everything within her reach.